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stomach bloating, gas

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I'm 26, for a few months i have had really bad bloating and excessive gas from my stomach sometimes with mild stomach pain or acid feeling in stomach. i thought maybe I had a stomach ulcer but a few weeks ago i noticed i was feeling short of breath slightly, like asthma but there was nothing wring with my airways. After reading on the internet I am wondering if it is a hiatal hernia as some of the symptoms seem to fit, and this problem is not going away by itself. I am wondering if this is possible and if a doc can help with this easily?
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replied September 15th, 2008
According to your symptoms (bloating, belching, stomach ache, acid reflux...) you could be experiencing hiatus hernia but other stomach disorders (gastritis, peptic ulcer...) are also possible.

You need barium enema or gastroscopy to confirm hiatus hernia. If hiatus hernia is confirmed the final therapy is surgical intervention.

You can consult a gastroenterologist about your problem.
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replied April 3rd, 2009
could it be my gallbladder
I have been having pains under my ribs on my right should and sometimes in my shoulder balds.
I also get Burn feeling. I did have gastritis
but find out the other day i dont have it anymore. It can be very painful. Its painful at night. I also get bloating, and other problems;. I am seeing a gastroscopy. would he be able to tell me if its gallbladder or not. I also get sick if i get fatty foods. another cooked in oil.
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replied April 22nd, 2009
Gas after excercise
Hi , Iam experiencing gas after execrising in the evenings. Is it related. I feel my stomach swell on my right side after exercise. Why does it happen and why am i getting this gas?
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replied June 6th, 2012
I would like to know if there is one product better than other for cronic gas over the counter.

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