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STD contract via warts?

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hi i would like to enqurie, about contracting HIV or other STDS exposure. i was diagnosed with HPV by doctors ,but it is a minor case and the 2 warts i have are grown at the base of the penis. i went for Liquid nitrogen treatment aka Cryotherapy on the 5th nov, today i realise that the scab has dropped off . i though that the skin has healed. but still abit reddish. i went to have sex with a [tramp] using condom. but afraid that there is an open wound there and her vaginal fluids have definately touched that area being treated. is there any possble transmission? i am rather worried as my doctor says that the healing process takes about a week. please advice
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replied November 10th, 2008
There is possible transmission of any fluid based disease if you had sex with an open sore from a genital wart. Plus, what about the woman that you slept with?'s possible that you gave her HPV.
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