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spotting brown alternating with red blood

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Tuesday of this past week I awoke and used the restroom to find I was spotting bright red blood . The night before we engaged in intercourse . The whole rest of the day on up until today I am spotting brown and even accompanied with brown clots . I'm not cramping much if any . I feel stomach sick and keep having slight hot flashes. The spotting appears heavier at times . Even having small headaches and dizzy. I have a history of miscarriages 2 to be exact . I was recently put on metphormin almost a year ago after my last miscarriage . I took a pregnancy test yesterday morning that had a negative result. I don't have the proper insurance at the moment to see my obgyn. And i am afraid to go to the emergency room as the Dr.s there are never sensitive to woman ttc.
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replied October 15th, 2016
Wow. Not one answer to help me. 42 people read this post and said nothing .
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