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Sore on labia majora

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A few days ago I noticed a lump forming on my labia majora which really red and tender. It looks kind of like a pimple or something.. It really stood out and had a head on it. I do shave everything down in that area, I'm thinking it might be an ingrown hair or something, but theres no hair coming out of the actual sore. When I went to the bathroom earlier it was bleeding pretty bad and the head came off. I've been using a hot cloth frequently, its helped a bit, the sore went down and all. But my labia is still really swollen, like there's liquid/puss in there. It's not realy that painful, more so uncomfortable. I really have no idea what it is...I'm pretty much freaking myself out. Badly. I know I can dedinately rule out herpes, my last gyno test was in January, and i was clean, and have only been with my current boyfriend since then. Protected everytime.

Anyone have any idea what it may be and what i can do myself to get rid of it..? I'm thinking of just booking an appointment on monday with my doctor, but its so its like my last resort.
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replied February 3rd, 2013
Concerns with Vaginal Lump on Labia Majora
I have the same exact thing on my labia majora. I am 16 and am currently with someone. We have not had sex, and I am a virgin so I am almost 100% positive it isn't an STD (herpes specifically). A week ago my boyfriend and I were taking a step further in our relationship, and he fingered me... the method he used was focused more on outside of my vagina. This is the first time I have really EVER gone this far. I have had flu- like symptoms for the past week now, and just three days ago I realized I had this bump/ swollen area that had formed on the labia majora. I looked up chancres, bacterial infections, and STD's... I'm not sure if the flu- like symptoms and the lump on my labia majora have anything to do with each other. I feel like I am freaking myself out. I mentioned this to both of my parents, and I think that I am more concerned then they are... I was tested for the flu, and it came back negative. My mom and I did not mention the bump on my vagina to the doctor.
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