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So confused...if its not TMJ then what is it??

Ok-so two weeks ago i woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating jaw pain...i could not go back to sleep and from that day on i've had jaw pain everyday and headaches. On some days it even hurts to open my mouth and I noticed one day when i was talking my jaw started squeaking , it sounded as if bone was rubbing on bone, but then it went away. My fiancee has been noticing in my sleep ive been grinding my teeth really loud.

So I went to a TMJ specialist a week ago and he said the signs are pointing to TMJ but he needs a CAT scan to confirm it, but i didnt have the money to pay for it. Then just yesterday i decided to go to a regular dentist and he took an xray of all my teeth and jaw. He said he does not see any joint problem in my xray and does not think it's TMJ, he thinks it's my teeth causing the pain. I've had some bad dental work done and all of it needs to be done over. So i felt relieved that it was just my teeth causing me pain since my dad said he would help me pay for the work.

Then after my appointment i had a couples massage scheduled with my fiancee. After the massage the woman said i should be concerned because my jaw is shifting and unstable and whenever she massages around my neck/ear area my jaw moves from side to side. What could possibly be going on with my jaw? I have a feeling it is not my teeth as i have not had ANY tooth pain. Any suggestions?
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