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Skin graft - wet spot ?

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I had a skin graft applied to a trauma (impact) injury applied in December 2007. It's full thickness, mid-shin, front aspect, about 7 inches high and 8 inches across. It's considered a 100% successful graft with full take. However there's a troublesome spot a few centimetres in from the edge that sometimes appears to have dried up and healed, then every six weeks or so begins to weep a reddish yellow but not opaque fluid, a little like a mucus or plasma with a tiniest tint of blood or pus colour perhaps. This just scabs up during the day. Kept clean it'll dry up after a month or so, and appear to be healed again for six weeks before repeating the whole thing over.

Is this normal after 20 months? My general practitioner feels it's no problem and an orthopaedic guy seems happy enough, but I haven't been able to see a plastic surgery specialist who might know more about grafts and their long term care.

If it would be useful to see images I can see about making some. (To appreciate the wound position and size, check out the wikipedia skin grafting article - that's my wound toward the end).
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