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Side pain when looking down

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Ok ok, now i've been having a certain, unconfortable pain in my lower left side of my back "near my kidney i guess" i've been having this pain for a while now and i dont want to go to the doctor yet, because im afraid that its a kidney stone and im so afraid of peeing those things out or what ever... now... the pain only appears when i am standing or sitting straight and i move my head down (looking down) i feel like something pulls in my lower left side of my back and it hurts, sometimes when i crouch or bend a bit it also hurts. NOW im doing a medical career training course for medical assistant and the doctor teaching us there told me to pad or softly put pressure or softly hit that side.. i did... he said if it hurt it was probablly a kidney stone... but it didnt .. i urinate normally i drink good water but still the pain is the same ONLY when i do those movements i explained. can someone please tell me what could be the problem? i really want this to stop happening because i want to move freely with no unconfortable sharp pinching type pain.
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replied March 22nd, 2010
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hey....why not go to doc. if it is stone he may give med to break it up. then you wont hurt like hell later. plus doc can check to see if its something else......pete
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