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side effect of meningitis

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one of my friend is having meningitis, he was ill due to his an yr ago.after tht he is ok bt agn this thing started agn.he is losing all his hope & confidence as doctor is saying it might take 3-4 compeleted to heel as his medicines are going on.plz tell me all abt this...wt things as a family & friend we can do.
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replied December 28th, 2009
As a survivor I can tell you that really there is not much that family and friends can do other than BE THERE to support your friend!! I was literally brought back from death's door with bacterial meningitis and have suffered both physically and emotionally since that time. I had to do physical therapy to regain use of my left side. emotionally it is very difficult to deal with. I remember bursting into tears when I walked into my house for the first time after coming home from the hospital. The best thing you can do for your friend is be there to brighten their day. Watch funny movies with him, bring him magazines and things to keep him occupied when family and friends have to be at work. I remember one thing - that I still have to this day, almost ten years later - that my best friend brought to me. A keychain of a big yellow smiley face that had a slinky body. Anything you can do that will bring a smile to his face!! If he is having a rough day and needs to cry and/or be angry or sad, let him. be there to listen to him and bring him tissues. A thoughtful ear goes a LONG way when someone is recovering from something so traumatic.
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