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severe buildup of ear wax

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I've always had problems with my ears as a kid. I've had multiple trips to the doctor to have my ears irrigated multiple times and i clean my ears out everyday with q-tips and yet it's like my ears produce too much ear wax. It has caused hearing problems for many years. A few months ago I had a busted ear drum in my left ear. Although very painful, after it healed, it actually helped with the buildup of ear wax for a few months. But once completely healed, the ear wax has come back. I've been to the doctors but they just recommend ear drops which do nothing for my ears. The wax is so built up and very hard in my ears. Any recommendations?
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replied July 25th, 2012
removing ear wax
I would say to use otex ear drops that contain hydrogen peroxide. Then once the wax is softened, use audiclean ear cleansing wash. Good luck anyone with this problem.
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