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Severe abdominal pain post kidney transplant

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My wife gave a kidney 7 months ago and the kidney is working perfectly. However, I have been in severe pain since the surgery. I was getting slowly better for 10 weeks (walking over two miles, never pain free, never comfortably able to wear pants or a waist band) , but then things started getting worse and after a couple weeks I was back on pain meds, sitting in a lazy-boy all day long unable to work.

I have a triangle of pain from my navel over to the top of the incision scar, down the length of the incision and up to the navel. It is a deep pain; not on the skin. The slightest touch such as pants or a shirt laying on my belly can be excruciating. I walk around hunched over. I cannot lift much. Usually I cannot stand for more than a few minutes before the pain becomes too much.

The nephrology team the biggest transplant center in the US had never seen this. The surgeon, who says he does 160 x-plants a year, is stumped. I have seen pain management docs and they seem to think it is adhesions, but they don't know exactly where and there is no way to fix them. They have tried local anesthetics, steroids, and botox. A TENS unit and electro-stimulator implants are next.

If you know of anyone who has suffered similar symptoms of have read about this on another site, I would be grateful to have a path to follow.
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