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Odd Muscle failure Issue
USAF_SSGT  604 views
Last post: 10-28-2012 18:42pm
When I sing my lips get stiff and parts of my face tingle!
Drew77456  4319 views
Last post: 10-26-2012 15:12pm
shoulder--arm--wrist pain
ytzvim  1112 views
Last post: 10-26-2012 09:05am
Piriformis syndrome, will tests pick it up?
ravinaldo  925 views
Last post: 10-25-2012 02:14am
Weird weak feeling in both legs, twitching, and confusion
averageguy1  5030 views
Last post: 10-23-2012 21:23pm
Burning Sensation
JerryO  1512 views
Last post: 10-23-2012 21:17pm
upper leg muscle atrophy
nikzam  1213 views
Last post: 10-22-2012 09:57am
Numbness in finger and dull pain in upper, inner arm. Ulnar?
MrDoodles  6929 views
Last post: 10-21-2012 03:19am
Adductor Strain causing pain in my leg down to part of my shin?
Aroybal  1065 views
Last post: 10-21-2012 02:41am
Pudendal Nerve Entrapment (Genital/Nerve/Penis Problem)
JohnC12  1339 views
Last post: 10-14-2012 10:27am
tingling in both her right arm and day can't move?
Lola20  3562 views
Last post: 10-14-2012 06:52am
Muscile pain
RichardStephens  1131 views
Last post: 10-14-2012 02:42am
numbness an tingeling in face hands arms
nashbridges234  1114 views
Last post: 10-11-2012 01:34am
Constantly feels like a sleeve around my forearm
Satchmo  1454 views
Last post: 10-10-2012 20:22pm
thoracic spine x-ray report states partial fusion of t1-t2
Libbyp  2386 views
Last post: 10-06-2012 21:25pm
Nerve damage? Shooting, burning nerve pains, twisted feeling
belladuff  1063 views
Last post: 10-04-2012 01:49am
Leg And Arm Jerking
TONYCRAVEN  15429 views
Last post: 10-02-2012 16:05pm
neck clicking causing temporary loss of voice
egermain  660 views
Last post: 09-28-2012 05:26am
Chronic Pain with persistent low-grade fever
rlynn0905  3591 views
Last post: 09-26-2012 19:26pm
Uncontrollable shakes, with chills.
HannaPettri  3987 views
Last post: 09-26-2012 03:13am
Bizarre seizure-like disorder, no answers in 11 years.
WilliamsRDan  825 views
Last post: 09-25-2012 15:58pm
Strange Symptoms Lightheaded, slight dizziness tingling....
BCSFD  1781 views
Last post: 09-25-2012 14:51pm
Chest and intercostal pain
Nucci93  604 views
Last post: 09-22-2012 13:21pm
All of my hurts with unusual symptoms
user534829  914 views
Last post: 09-22-2012 07:16am
treatment for a strained achilles tendon?
piglet28266  987 views
Last post: 09-20-2012 16:52pm
Lifelong Muscle Tension, s there something I can do?
ragn  694 views
Last post: 09-20-2012 15:35pm
Mysterious Muscle Pain and Bruising
lizh10177  1864 views
Last post: 09-19-2012 21:30pm
Suden pain in back and shoulder. Still here a day later.
Deadhead262  423 views
Last post: 09-19-2012 12:13pm
Shoulder pain and swollen hands
jackanddaisey  1269 views
Last post: 09-19-2012 11:02am
Constant Numbness in foot & into inside calf
coldpony  1492 views
Last post: 09-14-2012 08:53am
Levator Ani Syndrome someone else suffering ?
cheekykaz  2900 views
Last post: 09-11-2012 05:42am
Burning Sensation in front part of both thighs-B12
Rehman24  4431 views
Last post: 09-08-2012 00:49am
tingling in the finger tips
ravs  1089 views
Last post: 09-07-2012 05:43am
Sudden deadly pain in arm and leg
ninaserin  828 views
Last post: 09-02-2012 18:55pm
Non localized faint twitching and pin pricks.
HarryM  1924 views
Last post: 08-29-2012 01:13am
jayneja  1340 views
Last post: 08-25-2012 12:13pm
forehead muscles
bhoney80  19248 views
Last post: 08-24-2012 23:57pm
sore rib , chest and back
blueless6  8675 views
Last post: 08-24-2012 22:51pm
Do muscle spasms always hurt?
fire22  3711 views
Last post: 08-21-2012 12:27pm
numbness, jolts of pain, seen many Dr.'s...
hrachel26  899 views
Last post: 08-18-2012 22:57pm
Random but bearable and short electric-like pain all over body
blackrobe  5215 views
Last post: 08-17-2012 00:12am
Partial Numbness in right foot big toe
st0necol  8199 views
Last post: 08-16-2012 19:20pm
Shoulder, Arm And Hand Pain
Beverly4  87495 views
Last post: 08-16-2012 09:44am
Chronic Widespread Muscle Twitching
Kthrnortega83  1307 views
Last post: 08-15-2012 22:36pm
muscle contractions, severe dehydration, pinched nerve Help!
chloe5442  1128 views
Last post: 08-15-2012 18:26pm
Pins and needle like pains all over my body more in thights
Sackman  2196 views
Last post: 08-14-2012 05:27am
pain in the base of my skull, ears and down my neck
cleverliving  1307 views
Last post: 08-13-2012 23:36pm
Pain in fingers - RSI?
Lizzii  523 views
Last post: 08-12-2012 14:47pm
Warm hands, I got a rsi a few years ago....
brianbriggs  571 views
Last post: 08-10-2012 03:24am
Calf Pain? I woke up in horrible pain yelling!
Lovelikefire  726 views
Last post: 08-09-2012 21:24pm
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