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Ruptured disc at L3 L4

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I actually have a couple questions, aftering having an MRI, I was diagnosed with a 4 mm x 10mm disc herniation at L3 L4 that broke lose and "moved up" according to my neuro. I have 2mm bulges at L2 L3, L4 L5, L5 S1. I had been having back pain but tried to treat it myself. That became impossible when a sudden onset of excruciating pain sent me to the neuro. He said that was likely from the fragment of the disc that broke free.
My questions are: It has been 3 weeks, after aquatherapy and a steriod pack, the pain has subsided now I am left with just occasional pings in my groin and upper thigh and buttocks on the right side only. I have lost strength in my right leg also and it occasional gives out. Since the pain has subsided would you think surgery is necessary or would it be best to see if the pain comes back and the next question is this, what problems or dangers, if any, do disc fragments pose? Thank you in advance for your help. Jobysgirl
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