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rubbing genitals

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my girl friend and i rubbed our genitals but i did not ejacualte . later fter 2-3 hours she found slight spotting like marks of blood stain and pain in her uterus . are there the chances of her getting pregnant and aslo i fingered for her and is it because of fingering she is feeling the pain and the spotting . she just had spotting on the day of the act after 2-3hours and later there was no blood stains . but she persists wit slight pain in her uterus .. is she pregnant and its been just 20 hours since the act .
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replied January 11th, 2017
Extremely eHealthy (online)
I don't see a chance of pregnancy from your actions. The spotting is perhaps from damage to her hymen during fingering.

It will not be long before you are taking greater risks. Please buy condoms and vaginal spermicide so you have supplies on hand when you decide to go all the way. Have her download a period tracker app so she knows her most fertile days.
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