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Rolling Eyes

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My grandson is 5 yrs. old his is in a special Pre-k program. Before Christmas his teachers notice him rolling his eyes constantly recommended we take him to have his eyes check. Turned out he needed glasses but he is still blinking and rolling his eyes all the time what can cause this to happen?
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replied July 23rd, 2009
Hi i'm in the same position with my 9 yr old.She wears glasses as well she only has a problem with rolling her eyes and does it quite frequently.I have been doing research and have found that constant eye blinking as well as eye rolling combined can be a sign of a chronic tic disorder which is related to tourettes syndrome.Although i'm still looking into it i'm coming mto the conclusion that,that may be what she has.Who knows?.Anyways good luck to ya in finding the diagnosis.(I know it's a late post) lol
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