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ribs swollen?

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I noticed that the top part of my left rib cage has been what looks like swollen for a couple of months now. So it sticks out a little bit further than the other side. It never really bothered me until recently. It isn't "painful" but really uncomfortable. Its getting more and more uncomfortable the more time that passes. When I touch the swollen areas it can be painful.

I was reading around on the site and found people with problems like this. I went to my doctors and they said my ribs are swollen. I top to sleep on my right hand side and I have a bag that now both sides are holding the weight. My left side of the strenum are the areas which is painful, there is a more of a bump to that side of the strenum as my right side of my strenum bone is normal and more flat.My 3rd and 1st ribs are more swollen

Do you think it has something to do with that? Is there any dangers that I need to be worried about, is my situation more than ribs being swollen. Thank you for your help.
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