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Red and hot outer ears

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My name is Benz.I'm a guy and 18 years old this year.And I've been suffering from this problem for about a year. Both of my outer ears keep turning into red for no apparent reasons (but heat and stress tend to switch the symptom on ).It occurs in a daily basis. I've been to quite many doctors and also ENT specialist but none of them can give me an exact answer. One of the specialist claim that i have skin problem (but this red ear symptom has occured starting a year before )
and another claim that i'm sensitive towards hair dye ( but i only dye my hair once and it has been after a year and this problem is still persisting).And one of the dermatologist claim that i have over sensitive ears but it must be something that triggers it. I seriously do not know what is causing this red ears problem to me. Due to this problem, I'm not able to take part in outdoor activities as my ears will keep on turning red. And it is even worse during exams and i will have to keep hiding from everyone and this has draw me back from doing a lot of things that a teen should be doing. I'm really down for now. Doctors out there, please help me by giving some advice or anybody else out there that had recovered from this kind of problem, please do let me know your mighty cure.
May God bless..

Thank you.
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replied December 22nd, 2008
On top of that, I can see blood rushing to my ears whenever it got red. It is very obvious that the main blood vessels got dilated. And by examine closely, I can see a lot of tiny blood vessels on my outer ears and as far as I can remember, there's not even one blood vessel which is obvious on my ears before I got this symptom a year ago. Please help

Thanks a million.
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replied March 21st, 2012
I was wondering if you ever fond the answer to this? My 9 year old nephew suffers from the same thing. When it first started, about a year ago, one ear was even bigger than the other, very swollen. MD said he might have been bit by a bug of some sort. She did nothing. Now it happens to him whenever he is outside in the heat & sometimes indoors for no apparent reason!
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