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Reasons for birth control

Reasons for birth control
Reasons for birth control
Birth control options

Birth control
Birth control, or contraception, is designed to prevent unwanted pregnancy for women who do not want to conceive.   A typical American woman is fertile and can conceive children for about 40 years of her life, so it is important that a woman who does not want to become pregnant select a birth control method she finds comfortable and appealing to her lifestyle in order to prevent pregnancy. 

All women and men should have control over if and when they become parents. Making decisions about contraception is not easy. Learning about birth control methods you or your partner can use to prevent pregnancy and talking with your doctor are two good ways to get started.  It's important to note that most birth control methods do not provide much protection against STDs.  If you're having sex, you must protect yourself from STDs.  Please use a condom every time.

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