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Pussing Bug Bite, what to do to relieve swelling/irritation?

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I don't know how to ask my own question so I am responding to this.

This morning I woke up with a bite on the back of my calve, close to the area under my knee. I am usually very sensitive to mosquito bites so I assumed it was that and did not touch the bite because they usually deflate after a while.

But, this entire day the bite is getting more swollen and the center of it, about the size of a quarter, is bubbling. I felt pressure in it in the late afternoon and soon after it started pussing. It's really irritating and I can't figure out what kind of bite this may be (I am pretty sure I got it over night because it only came up after I woke up) or what to do to relieve the swelling/irritation.

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