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Propane gas poisioning

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My husband and I just found out that we have several propane gas leaks connecting to our stove in our apartment, one of which was a huge leak. We have been smelling this for the last 3 months and since we had trouble with mice,thought that it was a dead mouse decaying somewhere near the area. Even after cleaning repeatedly and not finding any mice we finally had someone come and check. They discovered the leaks. My question is, will there/could there be serious health issues from this constant long exposure (3 months)? Could there be any permanent health damage? I have been experiencing high levels of sleepiness and headaches. Please, any suggestions would be helpful.
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replied January 20th, 2011
Hi about a year ago, I had the same problem except the gas company left the lines loose when they came to install the tank, after breathing the gas, i now suffer from gerd, as well as headaches, my stomach is not the same among other things, i feel you should seek medical advise, and i hope all is well with you, i am still being checked, my systoms was so severe after a month, doctor,s feared i had Cancer, and i am still not sure if i am out of the woods because studies shows you can get cancer from being exposed to propane gas. Good luck
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