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Pressure in center of forehead

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So I have pressure in the center of my forehead and pressure in my eyes makes my feel a little weird not necessarily dizzy but just feel different... Is it my sinus? What can I take?
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replied December 28th, 2011
Hey I completely understand your condition because I have suffered from it for 6 years. I took most of over the counter sinus pressure pain related medicines.Even seen my doctor so many times, he did some X Rays and blood work. everything came out as normal but the pressure was still there, my unaware doctor told me that nothing was wrong with me and I should take headache pain killer medicines or something. the reality is that western doctors do not know the cause or treatment of this medical problem. If you have pressure in your forehead, behind your eyes, cheek bones, back of your head or neck and it does not hurt but it is a discomfort that means your sinuses are just fine. pain is also described as consistent pressure that kind of act as a pulse or something. it is just cold wind that enters the head from neck then travels to your face. It does not show in xray or cd scan and it cannot be treated by a surgery(!) because wind takes up to a year to travel from neck to forehead. anyways see a Chinese acupuncture doctor who has long term experience. This medical condition is known to them, i feel almost pain free from this chronic painful condition just after single treatment.

Live a pain free life! God bless you!
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