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confused about how that works
platinum00  457 views
Last post: 11-20-2011 17:28pm
what are the chances of my ex not being the father?
tina18  933 views
Last post: 11-19-2011 02:23am
pregnant between two men-when did i conceive?
arkansas00  947 views
Last post: 11-17-2011 16:43pm
Pregnant who??
Tophat  441 views
Last post: 11-17-2011 02:36am
whos the father? I'm 25 weeks pregnant.
Cabbage03  2432 views
Last post: 11-17-2011 02:27am
due date jun 26 when did i concieve?
tpoli  966 views
Last post: 11-15-2011 15:08pm
when did i conceive?
INDY5225  12816 views
Last post: 11-15-2011 15:07pm
dont wanna wait for DNA...
extreame  678 views
Last post: 11-15-2011 08:09am
pregnant but confused as to who the father is.
Goo112  578 views
Last post: 11-15-2011 07:29am
if i am 6weeks&1day
jug  2492 views
Last post: 11-13-2011 17:19pm
whos likely the father need advice!!
lovelygirly47  562 views
Last post: 11-12-2011 17:00pm
i havnt had any pregnancy sypmtoms what date did i concieve
rell18  438 views
Last post: 11-12-2011 16:32pm
Not sure who father is
Mommy228  1142 views
Last post: 11-10-2011 23:14pm
Can my ex boyfriend be the father of my child?
Lumbee21  1349 views
Last post: 11-10-2011 12:06pm
Who is my babys dad?
Shaylynn  881 views
Last post: 11-08-2011 21:48pm
I need help with when i conceieved if it could be off by 3 wks?
sjbc  575 views
Last post: 11-08-2011 14:08pm
When did I conceive and could it be wrong?
babymomma21  552 views
Last post: 11-07-2011 13:40pm
Who is My son's father plz help! I'm Desperate!
babymomma21  1108 views
Last post: 11-07-2011 12:06pm
Due date was November 23
Augustrush  1488 views
Last post: 11-06-2011 23:59pm
pregant in June or did I conceive in July?
wonderinggurl  529 views
Last post: 11-06-2011 07:19am
help i dont know who the dad to my baby is
louxx  654 views
Last post: 11-04-2011 18:35pm
I get a different conception date?
Concerned2012  755 views
Last post: 11-04-2011 03:14am
which one is it
wat2do88  464 views
Last post: 11-03-2011 23:37pm
due date is 13-20 november
geeti  1109 views
Last post: 11-03-2011 08:14am
conception confusion!
LaceyHope  1358 views
Last post: 11-03-2011 04:30am
slept with a guy in feb. ,before that with someone in nov.?
mommytobe91  649 views
Last post: 11-02-2011 11:52am
who do you think im preqnant by?
cutie31  629 views
Last post: 11-02-2011 11:50am
Who is the possible father?
jazzyx38  740 views
Last post: 11-02-2011 11:46am
Who is likely to be thr father
shorty713  1084 views
Last post: 11-02-2011 11:43am
hard time understanding who the father of my child is
RenaeLee  989 views
Last post: 11-02-2011 11:34am
conception with my ex?
MISSRAQ  498 views
Last post: 11-02-2011 07:54am
who is most likely my sons father?
mybabies99  660 views
Last post: 10-27-2011 18:27pm
Not sure which due date is correct.
koolstuff  1407 views
Last post: 10-27-2011 11:04am
who is the better chance to be the dad?
melanies_mom...  582 views
Last post: 10-26-2011 12:13pm
when is my baby due
imy  1108 views
Last post: 10-25-2011 15:43pm
who is the father? hcg levels
LaceyHope  696 views
Last post: 10-22-2011 16:30pm
when did i conceive?
nallelinoy  1807 views
Last post: 10-22-2011 14:24pm
whos my babys dad!? HCG levels?
LaceyHope  617 views
Last post: 10-21-2011 09:50am
my due date when my last period is...
euanne  1785 views
Last post: 10-20-2011 20:16pm
how can i have conceived on a day I did not have sex?
shellybelly2012  981 views
Last post: 10-20-2011 19:57pm
Whos the dad im now 8 weeks
Loveallover  879 views
Last post: 10-20-2011 14:40pm
cheated on my boyfriend, pregnant with twins. Whose?
francetta  1799 views
Last post: 10-20-2011 14:30pm
When did I concieve?
pnm204  1577 views
Last post: 10-20-2011 11:43am
what date did i conceive my baby?
coco22  1143 views
Last post: 10-19-2011 19:52pm
when did i conceive and who is the father?
Pinkypinky  1184 views
Last post: 10-19-2011 07:16am
I was fertile and we did touch...
Chatty7  593 views
Last post: 10-18-2011 04:53am
need to try to figure out who's the dad?
ashley15  806 views
Last post: 10-18-2011 04:44am
unprotected sex with a different guy, when did i concieve?
corycory  1098 views
Last post: 10-16-2011 22:49pm
due march 1, When did i get pregnant
soverby  1962 views
Last post: 10-16-2011 16:51pm
when did i conceive my baby
lyn556  1852 views
Last post: 10-16-2011 15:31pm
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