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Panic Attacks and Seizures

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A few weeks back I had my first encounter with a seizure followed by a panic attack. It started first with me passing out, I fell down and my friends asked me if I was OK, which snapped me out. I got up fine and I did feel okay, I had no sense of confusion or dizziness afterwards. I was passed out for not even 5 seconds. After I got up, I took a seat, and not even 30 seconds later I had a short seizure involving the convulsion of my arms and legs. The seizure was also very short lived, not lasting even 5 seconds either. Just after it I both was and wasn't aware that I had a seizure, I can't quite put into words the feeling I had, I guess it was somewhat a state of confusion, possibly because I've never had a seizure before. It's probably important to note that I'd been smoking weed before this whole episode, but I've been smoking weed heavily for about a year with absolutely no problems. After the seizure ended my friends were very concerned, thinking that I had died, but I personally felt fine. At this point we headed inside (I was outside when I passed out and seized and it was late at night), and after about 10 minutes I started to have a very bad panic attack. At the time I didn't know it was a panic attack, but I got very cold and nervous, numbing sensations in my head and fingers, and I felt I was very close to death. These feelings persisted until I came down from my high, but while the panic attack lasted I felt I was very close to death, and my breathing became manual, heavy, and difficult. I felt that if I were to stop breathing I would die, even though I knew breathing was an involuntary process and would continue once I stopped thinking about it. Eventually after I came down, I had sense enough to realize that I just had a bad trip/panic attack, and was able to go to sleep, waking up feeling fine the next morning.

Originally I didn't think much of this occurrence, and I had suspected that the enhanced visual and sensory sensations from getting high combined with the fact that I hadn't eaten or drank anything that day led to me passing out. I continued smoking weed after the occurrence and had no problems for several months, until just recently when I got high and had another very severe panic attack. This time I also hadn't had much to eat or drink over the course of the day, and I was also getting high at night. The panic attack was very similar to the one I had my first time, though this time I was alone which made it more difficult for me to realize that I was just having a panic attack. My head was almost completely numb and my heart beat was very fast, and I was anticipating having a seizure, but it never happened. For brief periods of time I was able to calm down and convince myself I was just panicking, but then the feeling of being very close to death and numbing sensations returned, until I again was able to convince myself I was just having a bad trip and a panic attack. Just as before, once I had come down from my high I came to realize that I was just panicking and just went to sleep, waking up feeling completely fine.

I wonder now if these panic attacks will reoccur, or if perhaps they were just a result of lack of food/water throughout the day, or if they were simply a bad trip. I really enjoy smoking weed and generally it does nothing but put me in a very calm state of relaxation, which leads me to suspect that maybe the panic attacks I got were just a bad trip. The two instances I described were the only times I had panic attacks, and I only had a seizure the first time (which came before the panicking).

I'd appreciate any insight from people who have had similar experiences or know of someone else having them, as well as any information on whether or not I should be concerned about these occurrences repeating. Thanks ahead of time.
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replied July 10th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
stop doing what u have been doing.
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replied July 15th, 2016
My story is the opposite of Panic/Anxiety Disorder. I have Panic/Anxiety attacks THEN have a seizure, which is a Grand Mal Seizure. I black out during my Panic/Anxiety attack, and I run. During this time I don't know that I'am running and have even ran into traffic. Then , if someone stops me & tries to hold me I then have a Grand Mal Seizure. This is a very scary disorder & has stopped me from venturing outdoors. I get so scared that I will have an attack which in turn I have a phobia of going outdoors & feel trapped if I'am in tight quarters where there are a lot of people. If I do go out I have my husband with me ALWAYS. Because he is aware of my attacks and at one time when he had to stop me from running into traffic, across the street from a hospital, people would not help him when he asked a few people for help he said they kept walking because they thought we were fighting , until a nurse finally came by & helped him. When I came to all I seen was my husband & this nurse who had called an ambulance & I was all confused & did not know what happened. I'am currently on a lot of medication for this not only from my family Doctor, but from my psychiatrist as well. Unfortunately I'am still fighting my fear of going anywhere, & stay home a lot.
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