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Panic-am I Hypertensive?

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I've been measuring my blood pressure because it was high. For three days
i had the values

day 1: 140x80
day 2: 150x100
day 3: 130x90

Sometimes, when i'm in home, it gets 120x100, 140x90, 140x10...
I went to the doctor and he said, just with my 3 first values, he said that
i'm gonna need to take the pills for all my life, because I have cronic hypetension... I asked some nurses and
they said that I am not hypertensive yet, but pre-hypertensive. Changing my lifestyle could help me control my blood presure without any pills.

I am in panic right now. I don't wanna take these pills forever, you know?
Is the doctor right concluding that? By the way, he is not a cardiologist, the is a kind of general clinic.
I can't eat, I am not sleeping...

Can you guys help me?

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