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Pain Management Question No new posts
DoctorQuestion  173 views
Last post: 06-21-2016 13:49pm
Pain Management Question No new posts
DoctorQuestion  209 views
Last post: 06-20-2016 15:49pm
Pain Management Question No new posts
DoctorQuestion  279 views
Last post: 05-15-2016 00:46am
Top of Butt Crack
AssCrack  58 views
Last post: 06-24-2016 18:04pm
ankle sprains Grade 1or2
carguy86  62 views
Last post: 06-23-2016 23:19pm
what other type of Dr treats Severe Refractory RLS?
Acb87  132 views
Last post: 06-10-2016 08:49am
Weakness of muscles with pain
John457  110 views
Last post: 06-03-2016 01:43am
Sprained ankle with extreme pain
Chaotiik91  14003 views
Last post: 06-01-2016 04:44am
Leg pain
kuroyukihime7  132 views
Last post: 05-20-2016 21:14pm
Migraine pain and pain medication
TaraRose  11493 views
Last post: 05-16-2016 11:07am
Painful periods
JohnMarry  194 views
Last post: 05-12-2016 03:05am
Trying to understand CT Scan results
autumnrules  181 views
Last post: 05-05-2016 14:45pm
Tingling sensations?
Brandonb92  162 views
Last post: 05-05-2016 09:19am
Severe knee pain
Lokia  320 views
Last post: 05-03-2016 07:35am
vagina side pain
jasoncb  169 views
Last post: 04-30-2016 07:20am
Shoulder is always in pain and no one knows what the problem is,
Alex5286  234 views
Last post: 04-27-2016 03:37am
In Constant Pain, Can Anyone Help?
caz24  2917 views
Last post: 04-11-2016 17:24pm
Anyone Have a Spinal Cord Stimulator
glxpassat  493 views
Last post: 04-11-2016 16:44pm
Using Capsules for Horrible Tasting Med?
scombs165  347 views
Last post: 04-08-2016 14:05pm
dry mouth morphine tooth rot No new posts
poobear01101  10586 views
Last post: 04-08-2016 00:41am
PAIN and Pain Management for the rest on my life
jgf  188 views
Last post: 04-04-2016 03:26am
Switching from Tramadol to Oxycodone
eyeofskye  9242 views
Last post: 03-28-2016 08:06am
Online Pain Med Referral Service
gardenwatcher  12720 views
Last post: 03-14-2016 05:54am
Gabapentin withdrawal time
SheaPila  21842 views
Last post: 02-25-2016 11:41am
Fight Against FDA Petition to Eliminate Opioids for Chronic Pain
backpain1955  865 views
Last post: 02-21-2016 14:43pm
legal non prescription Meds that help?
petercooper  628 views
Last post: 02-21-2016 14:42pm
Alternate medicine for pains with safe
Krishnakishore  466 views
Last post: 02-21-2016 14:41pm
Chronic pain relief
spykerom  679 views
Last post: 02-21-2016 14:13pm
I am open to anything! The doctors keep giving me pain meds
Bambi2015  948 views
Last post: 02-21-2016 13:33pm
Herniated (disc) pain is unbearable
Mr_Richard  830 views
Last post: 02-21-2016 13:27pm
wat are the substitute for body paining rather than pain killers
jennyhugh  2028 views
Last post: 02-21-2016 13:24pm
Cervical Rhizotomy Failure Rate
robbyru0311  9939 views
Last post: 02-19-2016 11:37am
Extreme Tooth Pain
Suzanne34  40204 views
Last post: 02-07-2016 00:44am
What should I do about my ankle problem?
tmooreky1977  368 views
Last post: 01-16-2016 00:19am
Intractable Pain
asepanski  431 views
Last post: 01-15-2016 22:51pm
Pain All Over Body
TK4211977  927 views
Last post: 12-29-2015 05:48am
Continuous pain in upper right quadrant
kracer33  710 views
Last post: 12-29-2015 05:48am
How to relief feet pain. myeloma 1 yr ago
13564215731  978 views
Last post: 12-29-2015 05:47am
Leg Pain, Shoulder Blade Pain on the Right Side, and Lots of Vom
Jules222000  925 views
Last post: 12-29-2015 05:45am
Chronic Pain with no relief yet=(
Rebelious  1566 views
Last post: 12-29-2015 05:40am
Study and Work Stress Induced Joint Pain and Fatigue
zerenitynow  774 views
Last post: 12-29-2015 05:38am
why is it not posssible to feel good for a few days at a time
marymackmary...  580 views
Last post: 12-29-2015 05:38am
Psychological issues and pain
lasardo  1112 views
Last post: 12-29-2015 03:26am
Ankle joint stiffness
Billtimko  317 views
Last post: 12-29-2015 03:26am
Ankle joint stiffness
Billtimko  297 views
Last post: 12-29-2015 03:25am
Morphine Causes Advanced Tooth Decay By Xerostomi [dry Mouth No new posts
POOBEAR011  17514 views
Last post: 12-28-2015 09:31am
TMJ, prostatitis, scoliosis, and kyphosis have ruined my life
Gooey  481 views
Last post: 12-11-2015 19:59pm
Urine test for pain management high levels of alcohol
OuchMyBackHurts  306 views
Last post: 11-23-2015 13:27pm
What can cause recurring leg pain?
jineedhelp  4287 views
Last post: 10-28-2015 21:07pm
Urine test showing positive for alcohol and I dont drink.
meekandhumble  19609 views
Last post: 10-01-2015 12:48pm
Which drugs for minor aches and pains?
Killick  826 views
Last post: 09-02-2015 17:57pm
Reduced Blood flow to the Hands.
ojaxz73  555 views
Last post: 08-16-2015 19:49pm
finding a doctor who will prescribe me pain medication?
NorCal707SoC...  1871 views
Last post: 07-27-2015 20:24pm
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