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Pain on right side of groin area

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Hello, I am a 46 year old woman, I have been having ongoing problems with the right side of my groin area. Back in early August, I had to go to the emergency room because of severe pain in that area, I had an Xray and sonogram, which initially didn't show anything, but was given pain medication and sent home. The second time, I had to go back because the condition hadn't improved, as I could hardly sit or stand and the pain was radiating from the front of my groin to my back area. I almost forgot to add, I was referred to a gynecologist and he had thought it was my appendix, as he didn't feel anything on the ovary. They finally did a vaginal sonogram back at the hospital, on my second visit and saw there was or had been a cyst in the vaginal area, on my ovary, it may have burst. The doctor there prescribed Naproxen, which she said would help shrink the cyst. At the time this was going on, or before, I was getting my period regularly. Since than, I am still having mild to severe pain in that area and I haven't gotten my period, at least, it hasn't been regular or normal. When I've been going to the bathroom, I noticed there was blood on my panties and small clots when I would urinate. This has been going on for 2 and a half months now, I been noticing tiny black particles in the urine and what looks like bloody tissue or clots and at times a pungent, sickly odor in the urine. Also The gland in that area has been swollen and at times can be very painful and tender, I feel the pain for whatever reason, in the upper part of my thigh, kind of feels like something is bulging or pressing in my vaginal area. I am wondering if this is related to my age or early menopause or if it is a recurring cyst and why, I am not having any hot flashes, that are associated with menopause. I am very concerned, is it normal to bleed, even lightly, for almost 3 months, with all these symptoms? P.S., the sonogram showed I am bleeding inside moderately, but for whatever reason, something seems to be blocking the flow and my fallopian tube is swollen? I am trying to figure that one out!
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replied June 21st, 2012
Any time there is a cyst, it needs to be investigated. My doctor got on me, when she returned from her own medical leave, that I should have pounced on going straight to surgery. It was removed along with the ovary and they diagnosed it with Stage 1. Then a full hysterectomy.

Blood and clots - shaking head - anytime there is a drop of blood coming out of your body that is not going into a blood collection tub for labwork, it means injury or condition.

Go to a competent OB/GYN or primary care who would make sure to follow you until the pain and bleeding is resolved.
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