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Numbness in upper leg

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I do not know if the two are related, but here is the problem. I have always had extremely muscular quads...I never worked out so genetics is the only reason I have them, but they are huge and very defined....About a year ago, I noticed my right quad began to seem a little fatty and the muscle was getting smaller (also experiencing much burning in the area). This size difference was easy to tell since they were big to being with.

After a few months, my left leg had quite a bit of pain at the top while (I think) it grew larger to compensate for my right leg. I used to could flex my legs and watch the quad muscle bulge out, but no longer on the right side (left leg seems fine). The burning sensation went away for a few months, or at least lost its intensity, but now it is coming back more frequently...always in that same upper right leg and is especially bad when sitting or sleeping.

What in the world is going on with me? Do you think this kind of nerve damage (my guess) is permanent? Thanks for your help!
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