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Nissen Surgery Recovery

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Hi everyone,

My mother had a Nissen surgery about 2 months ago. Prior to, her acid reflux was so bad that it affected her voice. After the surgery, she still is not eating solids. On top of that, her voice is not any better, sometimes I feel as if it is worse. I'm worried that maybe her tongue has hardened, since it's been about a year since she was able to speak fully. she can talk but no one can understand her. I don't know if it is because her throat is still hurting/still has acid/still have phlegm or if her tongue has hardened and she's not able to speak. Does she need speech therapy? She does not speak English that well, Vietnamese is her native language. Not sure where we can find a Vietnamese speech therapist in Houston, Texas? Don't know where to being to search...tried google and not coming up with anything....What are your thoughts, I am so worried!
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replied April 21st, 2009
I know our son had an nissen fundoplication an he had none of these symptoms. I would most certainly get it checked out to a further extent. She should be able to talk and eat it should have not effected that. Maybe at first right after not eating good and retching but she should be ok ow since it has been a year i would be back in the doctors office that did your moms surgery demanding some anwsers. I wish you nothi8ng but the best.
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