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newbie with tmj

hello..just found out i have tmj...started with tooth sensitivity but a trip to dentist didnt find any cavities or anything...days later i started having head and face aches which i assumed to be sinus related...then i started having severe pain and throbbing in my right jaw and teeth..someone suggested tmj and i looked it up and the symptoms matched..including popping when i opened my mouth...returned to dentist and we discussed getting night guard...found out today insurance wont cover it and i dont have 700 bucks to get today i bought one of those doctors night guards from the drugstore..however,after i got home i started reading the box and it says DO NOT use if you have tmj or jaw pain...i dont get it....the pain comes in waves and now i cant even chew on that side without spurring the pain on....any suggestions or tips???i cant take this weird pain too much longer...
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