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need new doctor

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My roommate received a certified letter from his doctor recently stating that she could no longer treat him. He had been seeing her for about a year after his long time doctor moved to another state. His problem in a nutshell is he needs to find someone who can and will write him methadone for his back pain. He has been taking methadone for several years after back surgeries that resulted because of injuries he received in the Army. So he pretty much knows there is nothing else that will relieve his pain medicine wise and he if you name any other kind of procedure out there to relieve his pain I'm sure he could tell you all about it since he has tried virtually everything. He has insurance and no problem with traveling. He just needs a doctor. He has less than a month's supply of his meds left so he has to do this soon.
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replied May 13th, 2008
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Has your friend contacted the Army for help for a possible referral to another doctor?
Another option is contacting the VA or your local or state health department they might be able to help.
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