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Multivitamin weird side effect?

Hey, I'm a fit person with no known medical conditions and my diet is pretty healthy. Lately I tried adding a multivitamins to my diet and got a really bad side effects, about 1 hour or so after I take my pill my stomach feels heavy and I have some weird tension under my lower left rib and under my left shoulder blade (I feel better when I force few burps). The tension stops after 1-2 days after I stop taking multivitamins. I take multivitamins only after my meals and I always drink a lot of water.
I guess its a bad reaction on one of the multivitamin components (I tried different brands and liquid multivitamins too, same effect). so my question is, what can cause this side effect? Does anyone had similar side effect? Which of the vitamins/components can cause this side effect?
Thanks in advance!
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