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missing period... now back maybe??

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I'm 1 6 years old and i first got my period when i was 13. After having it for 8 months its went away and i haven't had it since. A week ago I did notice that i had brown discharge or two days, then i had one little bit of blood (maybe two drops) and then brown discharge again for four days. After that there was just regular clear discharge for two days, but then today there was brown discharge and a drop of light pink blood again. Is this my period or is it something else? I have gone to a gynecologist and had blood work done, the results all came back normal. My mom and sister both got theirs when they were 14. I'm only 100 pounds, but again that is normal in my family. All other signs of puberty are there so is this something i should be concerned about or just give it more time since I'm still young?
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