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Mild pain after tooth crown

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I had a gold crown placed on a top rear molar about one year ago. However, I still have some mild pain (it averages a "1 or 2" on a scale from "0 to 10"). There is no throbbing pain, though. The tooth is sensitive to cold, but not hot. I'm not sure what I should do next?

A more detailed history of my tooth follows. For the past 10 years, I had occasional mild pain that would last a few days, then go away for weeks. At the time, my dentist told me that I shouldn't do anything about it because I might make it worse. Unfortunately, he retired 2 years ago and I found a new dentist.

My new dentist said he saw a "pre cavity" in the tooth. He filled it. However, the process left me in great pain. This extreme pain faded to a tolerable level after two months. It still hurth, though. So, when I saw my dentist about a year ago I told him it still hurt. He did more X-rays and tested the tooth with a "bite stick." The X-rays were clear, but the tooth hurt a lot when I bit on the stick. He said there must be a crack and recommended a crown.

Unfortunately, ever since getting the crown, I have had pain just about every day. The pain is worse than before the crown. I wake up feeling sore, and sometimes having a headache. My dentist said I must be clenching my teeth. I now sleep with a mouthguard. It's a soft guard. It wasn't helping relieve pain until I cut off the part of the guard that covers the rear molar. In doing so, the guard doesn't press against the crown when I clench. This relieves the pressure from the tooth at night.

Wearing this modified mouth guard keeps the pain at a manageable level. I wake up with less pain. However, it still hurts somewhat. Moreover, it hurts to chew food on that side of my mouth (but it does not hurt to bite down when my mouth is empty. My dentist has adjusted the "bite" to ensure that the crown is not too high.)

The tooth also starts to ache late in the day. Sometimes, it seems to ache a few hours after I drink soda.

I take an ibuprophen once or twice a day to take the edge off the pain. However, I don't like taking pills constantly. My dentist thinks a root canal may be the next step. An endodontist told me she wasn't sure I needed a root canal (she seemed puzzled when I told her the pain didn't "throb" and the tooth was not sensitive to heat)

I'm afraid of doing something that might make the tooth even worse, but the pain is getting to me.
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replied November 4th, 2009
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I see two answers to your problem....One is a root canal and the other to have it removed...If it was me, I think I would go for the root canal (and ask for my gold back Surprised ...or at least think about it with the price of gold)..I am surprised that they put a crown over a suspected "crack", but all dentists are different....Either way, good luck....

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replied November 10th, 2009
Hi there. That sounds like a pretty tough problem. As Caroline said your main options at this point are to do a root canal on the tooth or take it out and replace it with something such as an implant. From what I read I likely would have diagnosed a crack tooth as well. But the thing about cracked teeth is you never really know how far the crack has progressed and an thus a crown doesn't always solve the problem. This is especially the case if you really are a clencher. If the crack has entered the root, it is unsavable and the crown wouldn't stop the problem only slow the progression.

If you really value you teeth and want to try to save it, a root canal is the next step. However if you want something more predictable, I would probably advise to remove the tooth. A root canal will work if the actual problem is you have an irritated nerve that is acting up even more from clenching. But from what I have read that diagnosis isn't very consistant with your symptoms.

Hope that helps.
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replied April 7th, 2010
Pain after dental crown
How long after a crown without a root canal should pain persist?

Here''s my crown story:

Reason for crown was lots of fillings and weakening tooth.

Had a temp crown that bothered me the whole 2 weeks I had it, but that''s what I expected. Could not tolerate any pressure.

When the permanent crown was put on, the pressure problem was solved. After a few days, I noticed the crown was high and it cause bite problems, leading to pain.

Went back and bite was fixed. I was numbed and the crown was drilled down and polished.

Now 2 days later it hurts for a few hours, then ok. It also itches at the roots--that''s the best way to describe it. Sensitive to hot and cold but not to pressure.

Am I being impatient after 2 days? Thanks.
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replied May 12th, 2012
tooth pain after a crown
I got a crown put on march 2012 the temp crown didnt hurt at all. After getting the perm crown I had a lot of pain not really throbbing, it was sensitive to cold but not really to hot. It hurts in the gums mostly and up the side of my head. The pain is off and on but does hurt every day. I dont really think its a a root canal and hate to do one if I dont need it. I had a second dentist look at it says crowns look good but mentioned my roots are really close to my sinuses I actually had 2 crowns one on tooth 14 & 15 any ideas. Its an annoying pain but bearable and sometimes seems to feel better when i brush them starts out barely noticable in the morning and as the day goes on gets worse
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replied May 12th, 2012
Sounds like your nerve my be irritated, sometimes it can be reversed with medicine. I was put on a prescription anti inflammatory and it worked for me. After reading your post it never dawned on me my sinus could have been this issue. I had a horrible sinus infection while this was happening. Oh well hindsight I guess. Right now my pain is gone but my story sounds exactly like yours that pain got so bad it was excruciating and it all started after they put the crown on. They kept telling me to wait but when I called them in tears they called something in for me. Root canals aren't so bad I've had two, I had a great endodonist and they hurt less than a filling did. I hope your pain ends soon, i know there is nothing worse then a toothache.
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replied May 12th, 2012
Thanks so much for replying. How long before your pain went away after the anti inflammatory drugs I have tried Ibuprofen but only here and there maybe I should take it on a regular basis. Your right the pain is like no other
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