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headaches late in the afternoon and evening.
daniel23  400 views
Last post: 06-15-2014 02:06am
Sharp pain on right side back of head
N0rcal510  443 views
Last post: 06-11-2014 11:15am
Sorehead  741 views
Last post: 06-11-2014 07:27am
Pins and needles in head, hands, mouth and back
xworriedukgurlx  591 views
Last post: 06-11-2014 06:57am
bottom side of my head is sore, I get quick headaches
Bunny21  489 views
Last post: 06-11-2014 02:48am
Painful headaches in same spot
barrelonfire  8095 views
Last post: 06-09-2014 04:05am
Head pain when I press down on it
Markworrywort  517 views
Last post: 06-07-2014 05:21am
Headache presenting with backache and it just won't stop...
Keralyn  463 views
Last post: 06-05-2014 21:29pm
Bump On Left Side of Neck Causing Terrible Headaches
anmaondre  8803 views
Last post: 06-02-2014 21:45pm
Airplane Air Pressure Pain No new posts
suh8lim3  63295 views
Last post: 05-31-2014 05:54am
3 month headache with pressure behind eye No new posts
shapeshifter  35762 views
Last post: 05-18-2014 08:22am
Random Head Pains
Alfi4  499 views
Last post: 05-18-2014 06:19am
Cluster Headaches or can it be something worse!!
Zed1234  447 views
Last post: 05-16-2014 13:03pm
Mild but constant headache for 6 weeks
Ritap_  436 views
Last post: 05-12-2014 19:37pm
Eye pain hurts most at the back of my eyes
deanJ1542  557 views
Last post: 05-09-2014 18:19pm
head full of pressure?
devibes  492 views
Last post: 05-08-2014 10:42am
pain, then loses consciousness for 2-3 hours, body tuitching
fatiqued  410 views
Last post: 05-07-2014 15:01pm
Cluster headaches please help
Laurenian  691 views
Last post: 04-30-2014 11:21am
ear pain leading to head pain
kennethbarton  709 views
Last post: 04-29-2014 09:20am
15 yo son is suffering from severe cluster headaches.
Laurenian  654 views
Last post: 04-28-2014 11:20am
constant migraines and shoulder pain
mcshai1985  401 views
Last post: 04-28-2014 09:56am
feel like have hot water running around inside my head
helpmeheadache  3621 views
Last post: 04-27-2014 12:19pm
Burning inside my head
Irenke  568 views
Last post: 04-27-2014 01:22am
Lightning through brain pain?
headpain23  529 views
Last post: 04-22-2014 02:42am
Continuous headache since Spring break
fabiolourenco22  474 views
Last post: 04-21-2014 15:13pm
Sinus headache versus Migraine
kellyneh  463 views
Last post: 04-21-2014 13:10pm
constant fatigue, headaches, body pain, unexplained bruises
LindzBrooke  382 views
Last post: 04-18-2014 10:58am
pain in top right forehead
Woodson4  326 views
Last post: 04-16-2014 17:37pm
Sharp pain, back of head
rstuedes  741 views
Last post: 04-14-2014 11:17am
Dull Pain behind right ear sometimes going up to temple
tangerinedream  444 views
Last post: 04-10-2014 09:12am
Headaches & Bump on Head
aublovesyou  484 views
Last post: 04-07-2014 14:18pm
Extreme Brainzaps like i had as a child before feversick
monjanse  419 views
Last post: 04-04-2014 15:16pm
Dizzy Spells. The last one I blacked out
Jeni83  428 views
Last post: 04-03-2014 14:16pm
headaches since December and scared
AnxietyRidde...  452 views
Last post: 04-02-2014 20:08pm
Progressively worsening headache looking in a certain direct
Kaelie  439 views
Last post: 04-01-2014 20:21pm
shooting numb pain at the top of my head at the back
Joccroc  413 views
Last post: 03-25-2014 13:19pm
Pressure & Pain in right side of head ...
DavidRand  452 views
Last post: 03-24-2014 17:48pm
Strong pain behind eye and head on left side for almost a year
ana7  822 views
Last post: 03-23-2014 08:54am
Numbness/Pressure in head
monica1965  687 views
Last post: 03-22-2014 23:09pm
Headache on right side only.
TuckerAb1  393 views
Last post: 03-21-2014 05:21am
MRI for head pain and told I had a severe head injury.
SIGNALCORPSe  595 views
Last post: 03-17-2014 22:18pm
Headache for a week and now tingling hand feet and cheek
MissMaia  388 views
Last post: 03-16-2014 15:28pm
Gf has bad headaches which affects her socially and school
Tac5man  678 views
Last post: 03-12-2014 09:45am
severe headaches on one side
kapowkristen  4822 views
Last post: 03-10-2014 21:15pm
husband headache confused should i worry?
cali_girl951  420 views
Last post: 03-09-2014 21:26pm
headache, staring, was off balance. confused should i worry?
cali_girl951  403 views
Last post: 03-09-2014 21:25pm
Head/chest/stomach pain etc.
jpm1020  1896 views
Last post: 03-09-2014 18:34pm
scaired, 23 yo, dizzy and nauseas for four days
scairedmom234  324 views
Last post: 03-07-2014 21:01pm
Undiagnosed Symptoms and Headaches
PapaSmurf1502  371 views
Last post: 03-07-2014 00:23am
Lower left quick head pain
Stephbitzybr...  330 views
Last post: 03-06-2014 00:28am

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