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Migraine caused permanent visual damage

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Hi all,

I'm now 20, but when I was 16 or around it I had my first "visual migraine". Basically it stayed on for a few hours, then went away but after it went I noticed a permanent difference in my right peripheral vision. I also noticed a small blind spot in the right side of my vision at my right eye, and one in the left side of my vision at my left eye. There's been an even tinier blind spot on the top part of my right eye's vision, and one on the bottom part of my right eye's vision also.

Basically, my eyes have been like this since then, and I get occasional "migraines" similar to what I experienced the first time. Sometimes lasting a few hours, sometimes much shorter. They're also incredibly random at deciding when to come on. ie Sometimes not getting another migraine for a few months. Sometimes much sooner.

If anyone has any idea what's going on, please help me with this.

Thanks ahead!
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First Helper Mpk

replied October 7th, 2009
I seem to be having the same problem. It seems the peripheral vision on the right side isn't as clear as it should be. Sometimes it seems like Im still having a visual migraine off to the right side but other times it seems fine. I also noticed a blind spot towards the top of my vision on the right. Im not sure what's causing this either. I just had an eye exam not too long ago and my eyes were fine so I dont think it had to do with that. This makes me very nerous though, and Im not sure what to do.
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replied October 8th, 2009
Are you overweight? If so look into Psuedotumor Cerebri. Its cause by a buildup of spinal fluid in your brain restricting the arteries in your eyes. This condition can result in permanent vision loss. It cause pressure in your head resulting in a migraine/headache and can impact your vision. MRI and MR Venogram along with a lummbar puncture are required to diagnose it. (I was recently diagnosed with this condition.)
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replied October 9th, 2009
Same problem
I'm now 34 years old - and have the same problem after intense migraines. My migraines started at the age of eleven. It started affecting my eyes at about the age of fourteen. Strange! also my right eye (I'm left handed) - the migraines starts off from my left side, and not like yours from the right side. I have astigmatism and I'm wearing glasses (contacts) since the age of 21. The black spot (with stuff that looks like a crooked spider web appears like it is stuck there forever. The optometrist said that a cell came loose in my eye, I never told her about the migraines. I believed her, but now I'm thinking differently. Just like you the writer "Mpk", it's exactly the same with me. It's difficult to read sometimes, as these silly spot blacks out some of the letters. In the beginning it was frustrating, but you'll get used to it. You will also notice that you will see it more in bright light, and it will never go away, not even by wearing glasses/contacts (Hope you'll understand my 'English' writing).
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replied December 13th, 2009
I have the same issue as well where it affects my vision. I start by getting the blind spot in my vision usually in my right eye and I know a migraine is going to hit in about twenty minutes. Once the migraine hits, I get nausea and and EXTREME pain on the left side of my head. I usually throw up for about seven hours, eventuall fall asleep, and wake up exhausted.
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replied June 24th, 2011
I was also experiencing the same type of problem from the age of 15 years...
Whenever I am exausted,some zigzag pattern of curved lines start developing in both eyes,it grows and cover almost 75% vision of both eyes....
Vision become blurred for sometime and then it takes about 30 - 40 mins to come back to normal....
It has no fixed time to come...sometimes in 1 month or in a two...
but my vision is affecting due to it...
I have also consulted the physicians but they say my eyes are normal....but I know it causes damage to vision........
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replied February 19th, 2012
.but I know it causes damage to vision........
I know your right as well.I pray you coped with it better than I,it runs in families but still seems a one in a million malady most doctors never remotely encounter.My sister has a less intense degree of it as well as myself.I feel I have to hide it so I don't do much outside my room.I can't show weakness due to negative conditioning but hopefully you met a better crowd and are far better adjusted.
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replied February 19th, 2012
Migraine history
I wasn't supposed to be in competitive gym as a child due to cognitive deficit of mysterious sort although I am above average IQ.The school ignored this fact and I was traumatized greatly by my peers cruelty and teachers indifference to my total and regularly scheduled humiliation.When I studied I received overwhelming eyestrain and nausea as a reward.Nearing graduation age classic migraines with aura where hitting me in the evenings with great and increasing frequency.By the age of 21 I had migraine blurred vision about half the time and by the age of 27 I had fuzzy vision all the time and its still there driving me to distraction at age 52.I feel like a freak and if there are others like me then I wish I knew.I don't drive and have personality disorders and phobias and no effective treatment.I can't sue the school butchers and I can't demand help or afford it.Im FUBAR and I don't wish this hell on Earth even on my worse enemies.
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replied August 26th, 2014
I was thinking the same thing as you when you replied to this post,
why did the first post get lost in translation, please get your brain checked out,
I already posted below about my last 30 year experiences with migraine and eye
exams will not show what is going on in your head!!

I have been to many specialists all with their own theories but I do know for sure
an Optometrist will not see eye damage caused from the brain if this is the case,

Get checked to be sure there is not another issue going on.....

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replied June 5th, 2016
Hello JCrombie, I have a similar experience. I also have a very difficult time explaining the permanent damage to my vision following years of migraines with aura. Optometrist visits state my vision is fine, so it is obviously damage which can not be seen during the visit. The closest way to describe/ compare the damage is, when there is a smudge on my iPad screen which makes distortions in my visual field. However, these distortions come and go constantly all day within seconds. I know live in constant fear that it might be an aura which will lead to a migraine. I am glad to hear other migrainuers stories in which they [you] have suffered the same fate and I am not alone. I know take daily prophylactic measuresin the form of vitamins, herbals, proper nutrition and trigger avoidance to decrease the likelihood of margarines and further vision damage.
Thanks for sharing your story.
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replied August 14th, 2014
A few people here are just describing the "aura" that is associated with most migraines, but I am more interested in the permanent eyesight damage subject that the initial post was about.

I am mid thirties and have had migraines on and off since I was a teenager. The blindspots, zigzags etc (aura) are well known to occur during a migraine, but I haven't heard much about what seems to happen to my eyes afterwards. Even now a week after a migraine (my first major one in almost 10 years) I can't see straight. It's probably the hardest thing I've ever had to describe, but it's like a have many small blind spots, and like my vision is very pixelated and somehow surreal. It's very stressful because I constantly fear I have a migraine coming on, but also because this really appears to be permanent damage being done to my sight - every migraine my vision seems a little worse.

I have also had the eye tests and doctors have offered no theory.
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replied August 26th, 2014
I have also suffered from migraines for over 30 years which runs in our family and
a few years back experienced a strange aura unlike any other I have had in the past,
this one started with my entire left side vision missing for a few minutes and then
the aura started.
A few weeks after this episode I noticed my vision was distorted in my left eye particularly
the bottom corner where there were blank areas of vision loss and I went to the Optometrist who told me my eyes were fine.
I later went to a migraine specialist who assured me the aura did not cause this
damage, he said an aura always corrects itself and has never caused eye damage to anyone, of course this is his opinion only, he stated it was most probably caused by some kind of stroke in my eye which did not make me feel better!!
If this was actually a mini stroke of some kind there was nothing I could do about it now.
Let me also state since I have been going thru menopause the auras are much more frequent now, 6 a year.
The damage is done now but has not worsened over the years so I strongly suggest
to all of you reading this, have an MRI done to rule out any other causes, an eye exam will not show damage from the brain which is most likely the cause of most visual issues!!

Your brain does adjust eventually although it is still difficult going thru this vision loss,
take care of your health and see whoever you need to see for peace of mind!!
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