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Mid back pain on right side

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I am 29 years old, I have been suffering from back pain off and on since March 2009. It has stopped me from going to work and some everyday activities. It begins in the middle scapula area of my back on the ride side, sometimes the pain radiates to the front middle of my chest right between my breasts. Mostly it stays in my back area sometimes about a 5 inch diameter of pain other times the whole half of my back. I have had CT scan, MRI, X-Ray, Ultrasound and bloodtesting for fybromialgia and other things. I have even seen a neurologist because my primary doc said I could have a pinched nerve or a muscle tightened around the nerve. Neurologist said my tests showed nothing from a neurology standpoint. I have gone to physical therapy and used the TENS unit. I have not received any relief from anything and the only things on my tests are a slightly fatty liver and a few polyps in my gallbladder but no stones. Could these be the culprits? I eat pretty healthy and USED to walk and was an avid gym goer but the recent pain has seriously turned me into an old lady. I just got married in July and I feel like such an awful wife putting my new husband through all this with me. I cannot stand or sit in one position for very long without it beginning to hurt. It feels like i have been hit with a baseball bat or sometimes feels like someone is blowing up a balloon from within my back. Massages help but do not take it away...Ben-Gay seems to help relieve the pain, I don't really see any correlation to anything I eat. I do feel a little bloating a nausea sometimes, but I honestly think that comes from my anxiety. I have even considered changing birth controls thinking it maybe that. At this point I am ready to have exploratory surgery to get this monster out! I would appreciate any responses about this or recommendations. Is it my gallbladder, a muscle? I am SICK and TIRED of this PAIN! I want my life back.
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replied November 23rd, 2009
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hey belinda...
sorry youre in pain. i'm no doc but i am an experienced pain sufferer. my advice to you would be to see a good deep muscle massage therapist. the fact that regular massage helped a bit seems to indicate a muscle problem. this therapy would be a good next step rather than getting into tests for internal organ problems....hope it solves the problem....pete
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replied November 24th, 2009
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one thing that is not often considered is a postural problem or to put it another way the curveture of your spine could be abnormal are, your shoulders unlevel.
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