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low blood pressure affect on sweating

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About 9 months ago I went into the doctors office because my throat was hurting me. Doctor took my blood pressure did all the normal stuff. Told me it was a minor infection, but she was worried about my blood pressure.

It was 130/105 she told me it was probably due mainly to my weight which at the time I was 5'9" 332 pounds. So I told myself I would go on a diet to get my blood pressure down, Over a 8 month period I went down to 228 and my blood pressure was last checked by my doctor it was 120/64.

It went down, good, but I have noticed a few things differently. When I workout I don't sweat hardly any at all. Before when I was 300+ I would soak a entire shirt in 45 minutes of slight cardio or walking. then it would take 45 minutes or running now I lift for an hour, walk for 20 minutes and dont sweat nearly at all. Does lower blood pressure relate to sweating at all?
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replied March 28th, 2008
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Hi and welcome to ehealthforum!
How do you feel?

It is well known fact that overweight and obese people are more prone to excessive sweating as they perspire more. They have more fat tissue, thus higher body temperature, so, abnormally increased perspiration, is required for regulation of body temperature.
You have reduced your body fat weight and you stopped sweating too intensively.
So, there is no direct link between low blood pressure and sweating, but, the link goes like this: losing weight, less sweating and other link:losing weight, lower blood pressure.

I'm sure that with less kilos you are experiencing better physical and mental health.

Best wishes!
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