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Lovaza with drinking & liver Function

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I am a little concerned with the medication I am taking for my cholesterol. My trygliceride levels have been above 400 for about 3 years. I am 33 years old. My doctor put me on Lovaza which in and of itself doesn't seem to be too potent it is just an Omega-3 only in higher more concentrated doses.

My question is that I have been a heavy drinker 6 to 10 drinks a day everyday for about 10 years and have recently reduced my drinking over the past year to only Friday and Saturday nights and I have about 6-8 drinks.

My understanding is that Lovaza is hard on the liver and with the fact that I have been drinking excessively for 10 years is it a good idea to continue taking it. I drink now as stated but not nearly as much and only 2 days a week. My liver function was fine on my most recent CBC before taking the Lovaza. Just curious if having an excessive drinking history will affect whether taking Lovaz is a good idea.
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