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Liver Detox?

I have some problems that, after researching, I can contribute to being caused by my liver. I also had an ultrasound done recently and bloodwork which back up my claim. So, I'm looking for an aggressive liver detox. The problem? I'm extremely fussy and I can't do anything about it. I did buy a bottle of Liver Flush. They make natural supplements for horses, dogs and people. I've used their horse products for years and swear by many of them. The horse liver flush and people liver flush are the same (except for the label and price!) so I bought the "horse" bottle. I've listed the ingredients at the bottom of my post.

I'm wondering if there is anything I should add?

Here are the ingredients.

Milk Thistle
Polygonum multiflorum
Artemisia capillaris
Fructus lycii chinensis
Gardenia jasminoidis

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replied January 10th, 2017
My advice: Don't drink.
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