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Leukemia ALL misdiagnosed?

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My sister wasn't feeling well and had symptoms of mono or cancer/leukemia and went to ER. They took cbc blood test and said it's not leukemia but mono. Is it 100 percent accurate? Is there difference in white blood count how they look in mono and leukemia?
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replied July 29th, 2013
I asked them to do a spinal test to check bone marrow. At that time I thought her cousin died from leukemia in Russia but it was blood infection instead. I suspect the hospital lied to us that bone marrow indicated leukemia. Or they assumed so because I told them about family history.. They had a leukemia study going on in that hospital for research. How could blood test indicate that it was mono and not leukemia when i read on medical websites that blood cells would look very different from mono and leukemia.. Please help!
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