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Leg Pain After Exercise

First, let me give some background. I am a female, 41, 5'4" and 152 lbs. I exercise sporadically. After a run on the treadmill (20-30 min) I have noticed that my leg pain will be really intense like I have just worked out and to me that is normal. However, it has gotten increasingly worse and lasts over 2-3 days sometimes. The last time I exercised I noticed that my leg pain started in my groin and traveled down the inside of my right leg and went all the way down to my calf. I have constant foot pain (mostly my right side), calf pain (as if my calf muscles are really taut all the time), tingling in my feet (they fall asleep VERY easy), and twitching in my muscles even while resting. All of this occurs on the right side. My resting heartrate is 60-68 bpm however, when I workout, the treadmill measures my hr @ its maximum of 172 bpm. I have noticed my hr @ 100 when I begin my workout most of the time. Afterward, I do sometimes notice a distended abdomen but it goes back down within the hour. I did go to have a physical/ stress test and EKG (?-he took pictures of my valves in my heart) a year ago and the doctor did mention I have a slight murmur, which he indicated medication was not wholly necessary. The questions are: 1. Are there other tests I should be asking for? 2. Could this be hormone related? 3. Do I continue to exercise? 4. Should I seek a specialist for possible vein related issues? 5. Could this be a heart issue?
Thank you for your help! It's greatly appreciated.

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