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left side hurts during sex

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what does it mean? i think its my ovaries but i dont know. me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex since march of 2009. AM I STERILE?! im only 16 but im scared.
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First Helper motherofrone

replied February 19th, 2011
Answer to left side pain during intercourse.

You are fine!!! I'm 52 and I have always hurt on the left side almost ever time my husband of 30 years and I have intercourse. You are not sterile! I have a 19 year old son. Also I see my ob/gyn every year, and 3 times I saw him in between that year to year check up. To be checked for the left side pain, during intercourse. Last week Feb.16th 2011, I was still convinced that my ovaries, had a tumor, or cist, or something even more serious. My Dr. is great !!!!! He sent me for another, sonogram both external, and internal. Again, the Dr. and the specialist, found NOTHING wrong anywhere. The ovaries, uteris, & everything was FINE. You and I are just in that pain group. Have your partner kinda turn his penis toward the other side, when it"s inside you, and it will be better. Believe it or not, the penis can move almost on it's on. I know you are only 16, ya know?, but you are already having sex so I don't mind giving you helpful info. Enjoy life to the fullest, because I can tell you It will pass you by fast. You really should always use birth control. I love kids and wanted them for years, to the point I was depressed and cried, every day for years. I had our son, who is 19 now, only after 2 misscarrages, and a son born 2 & 1/2 months premature, he only lived 1 hour & 45 minutes, and after I had been married 11 years. So, what I mean is, I was 33 years old and married 11 years when I finally had the baby I had been crying for. And if you get pregnant now even if you think your ready, you WILL give up your whole childhood, and later on you will become depressed. Don't let you or a baby suffer an early pregnacy, or take these precious early years (you) DO need, too soon. When your older you will know when your done having childhood fun, and you will then be ready for babies, and you will enjoy them and yourself for the rest of your life with NO, NONE, ANY regrets. SO, I'm sorry to sound like a mom, but I am one, so have a very fullfilled and happy life. Be carefull!!!!!! This is from a caring person.
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replied February 26th, 2011
Your 16.. You shouldnt be having unprotected sex.. im 25 and i get the same problems, i end up crying with the pain most nights, i went for surgery and docsfound nothing, so your better off just trying to find different positions that is comfortable for you, and be careful be sure to get checked every couple of months!!!
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replied December 27th, 2013
Where are your parents?!!! They are horrible! You should not even be having sex so young AND not married! If my daughter did that ( and first of all she never will) i d beat the life out of her and disown her. Immoral children, that is what you all are
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replied December 29th, 2013
You would beat the life out of your daughter? It get's you that mad, that even even the thought of it happening makes you....VIOLENTLY ANGRY?

Did you ever stop to think that this 16 year old girl doesn't have parents or someone to care for her well being and safety?

Also 16 or not, if your child want's to have sex (consensual), she or he is going to do it with or without your permission.

Wow, it baffles me why you would spew so much HATRED on to a girl who is asking for help.

Congrats though on the irony of your post. YOU would beat the life out of your daughter (kill her) for having unprotected sex, yet, YOU had the audacity to condemn karina's parents by labeling them as "Horrible."

Congrats!!! *face palm* smh.

I hope you got the help you needed karina.
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replied June 20th, 2014
yea i agree that woman is the one who should be disowned and i mean by society for that ignorant way of thinking. I too have a problem and i want help i am 28 and not married. I know teens have sex young and follow crowds so I dont judge the younger generation. Just be sure to protect yourself at all times!
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replied August 23rd, 2014
help please
My husband and I where making love and I guessing he went to far. My left side is hurting so bad, what could it be.

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