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Itching on clitoris

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Hi there
A few weeks ago i had a few days where the skin either side of my clitoris was itchy. My vagina always really becomes badly inflamed if i so much as slightly itch it, so i always try to avoid doing so. (I was diagnosed with herpes about 6 years ago now, so i am familiar with the symptoms of this condition and know that it is not connected to my current problem). This went away in a few days. About a week later, my anus started itching real bad around the outside and a little inside. (Once again, I was told i had piles 2 years ago and they had NEVER caused any itching at all down there, let alone this terrible itching, so if it is the piles, this is a first). However I used some germaloids for about a week, which helps numb the area, but after i stoppped using that and the itching was still there i went to the docs. Doctor said my piles didn't look that inflamed and she doubted that I had worms, as I was itching during the day as well as in bed, but as a precuation, she told me to take a worm tablet and also prescribed me anusol HC suppositories and cream. I took the worm tablet that day and have been using the other stuff for the last week, but now the area around the anus has got a bit sore and a bit 'tough', as well as the itching still being as bad as ever, but funnily enough, more so during the night or first thing in the morning. Now, this morning, the skin either side of my clitoris and a bit of skin near my vagina have started itching. I am at my wits end! The anal itching is by far the worst, but i am at a point where i should no longer be using these creams, as you are only meant to use them for max 7 days. I know i should go back to my doc, but i feel that they don't really takes things all that seriously. If anyone could help, i would appreciate it.
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