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Is it possible to get pregnant this way?

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Ok. So right off the bat, I believe I suffer from serious anxiety/worry/hypochondriasis issues. I always think I have some sort of medical issue, and I'm constantly looking it up online. My body even starts to mimic the symptoms sometimes.

I like to masturbate quite a bit. I'm a virgin and I've never come CLOSE to having sex... or even a boyfriend. I know mentally I couldn't handle it right now.

I live with a brother and my dad. When I masturbate, I NEVER touch my genitals with my hand/fingers. I always rub/press my clitoris over my underwear and pants. (Sorry for the details) I'd like to know how safe this is, and if there's any possibility what-so-ever of becoming pregnant this way.

Right now, I keep thinking I'm pregnant because I laid down on my brother's bed, just talking for a few minutes. Then we had dinner, and about an hour later I masturbated alone in my room. I was wearing my heavy, fuzzy, pj pants, underwear, and a pad (because I'm on my period, I wanted to ease the cramps). I don't know if my brother masturbates... he probably does because I'm sure a lot of teen boys do. There weren't any tell tale signs of semen on his bed. I checked for stains the day after. And before we talked on his bed, I know he'd been on the computer for a while so if he did masturbate on his bed, it wouldn't have been very recent. Is it possible semen went through my clothes and when I masturbated, I got pregnant?

That would make an awkward family conversation....

Like I mentioned before, I have serious worry issues. I know it's near (IS) impossible, but I HAVE to hear it from other people. I don't think I'm going to masturbate again because of the way my mind reacts.
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replied January 29th, 2012
Well no you cannot be pregnant that way. If he had any sperm on his bed, still it would most likely not be alive and it would not be able to travel to get you pregnant.
If you're really worried, take a pregnancy test, but that really is a waste.
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replied January 29th, 2012
Thanks! Smile
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