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Intermittent blind spots

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Experiencing intermittent blind spots occuring every few monthes, this has been happening for at least a few years now. most are small and noticed when reading small text, and stop after about 20 minutes, but less often, maybe once a year, the blind spot is large and it is quite a terrifying experience. No pain is involved. The blind spots typically occur is the center of my field of vision, but occassionally, they can be located in my periphery. When this is happening, the blind spot is there regardless of which eye i am looking through, or both. Also, normally when people stare at the sun and then look away they have a sun spot in their vision for a short period of time, it is abnormally easy for me to get these sunspots now, even from not particularly bright lights.
I am saving money to get this checked out as i do not have insurance, but for right now in the spirits of covering all my bases, any ideas what could be causing this?
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