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Inflamation & scarring of pancreas

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Gastritis occurs when the stomach lining becomes irritated and inflamed. But what can cause this medical condition? Are you at risk of this stomach disorder?...
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History I have had an on and off pain in my right side under my rib cage since about 27 I just thought it was stomach indigestion as it was normally accompanied by heartburn. When I was 35 I had a really bad attack which caused me to double over was taken to the hospital and my blood work showed pancreaititis. They checked for stones I had none and no history of alcohol abuse. The next day my blood levels were normal so they just said to stick to fluids. Moved to Montreal and have had the occasional acute attack but they always just sent me home with pain pills.

This summer I was having attacks at least 3 times a week, they have lessened now but I still have that constant ache in my upper right side.
My attacks consist of indigestion, upper back pain and stomach pain. I have never had fever, vomiting or the other severe symptoms I am reading on this site ( my heart goes out to you that are). I have only had 3 abnormal blood tests and have eaten before all three, my other blood tests were done on empty stomach.

Today I had an endoscopy showing that my pancreas is enlarged & scarred and I have to wait till my Dr appointment to find out whats next.

So my question for the people here is how serious is this? What I'm reading on the net is scarring the sh*t out of me. Would you consider this chronic? Have any of you had the same symptoms and been able to stop the damage?
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replied November 14th, 2009
I just saw your post and although it is old I would be very interested in chatting with you if you read this. I have had similar problems since I was 26 I'm 30 now. I hope you are well and if you would please write me.
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replied January 21st, 2010
Inflamation of the pancreas:PANCREATITIS
Peekaboo888...I realize it had been a while since you posted you complaint of stomach problems.
My mother has been diagnosed with pancreatits, had an endoscopic biopsy done and blood work shows negative results to certain antibodies or enzymes in the blood stream.It has been over 5 months so we are all concerned with the amount of time passing and still the Dr.'s are unsure what is causing the inflamation. They did find a benign mass growing and possibly attatched to the head of the pancreas, but they don't feel that it causing the inflamation. Please, if you have any info that could help us research what is happening to her, before something serious developes due to the swelling.Any and all information concerning her codition and the result of your own diagnosis would greatly appreciated!!
Thank You for your time!!
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replied January 31st, 2010
i have been suffering from right abdominal pain that radiates into the back since about 2003. back then they could not find anything. recently i have also had nausea, weight loss, extreme weakness and fatigue. so far again the tests have showed nothing, i do a hida scan next and then a scope. to me my symptoms sound like what i have heard about pancreatitis, but we will see i guess. i am a single mom, no medical insurance, and i am pretty scared about all this. i feel for you.
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replied August 6th, 2010
I have been fighting this for almost a year now. I have diabetes, 42 yrs. epilepsy, low BP and a hand full of other things. Had 13 viles of blood taken, 6 stool samples taken. 2 biopsies and 2 different scopes. Yesterday they told me that I had some scaring in my pancreas. So, they gsve me some Creon, 20,000 Units at each meal. Does anyone know anything about this? What does this mean?
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replied November 24th, 2010
If anyone who reads this has had repeated pancreatitis, and the doctors can't find out the problem - ask the doctor about a pancreatic divisum. That's what happened to me. My first attack the doctor's said it was my gall bladder that was bad and caused the pancreatitis. I had the gall bladder removed and then 18 months later I had another pancreatic attack. That is when I finally found out what was wrong. I now have a great doctor at Georgetown University helped me out - without surgery - and I haven't had any attacks in 3 years.
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