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i'm Married but in love with another woman

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Please help me, I, am having a very big problem, i'm 37 old and i'm married and I have a girl aged 3 years, have a wonderful wife and she's very beautiful love me and loves our daughter, but i don't love her In fact i'm in love with anther woman I met her through Facebook, I love her alot and she love me too, But she very good woman, she doesn't want me to get a problems between me and my wife, She told me to forget her and moved away but I can't do this, All this happened in two years, I still speak with the woman that i loved, because we didn't can move away from each other, we never get anything between us , Because this is forbidden without marriage Question I 'm tormented I wish I can live with the woman that i love without these constraints, and now Leave the option to God and to you :'(
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First Helper verne01

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replied July 22nd, 2012
You need to leave your wife because you leading her on like that is gonna mess her up in the long run. She deserves someone better then someone cheating on her with someone on Facebook.

Sooner the better.
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replied July 24th, 2012
Extremely eHealthy
Many different sorts of love, friend.
Romantic love, sexual love, love that is born out of respect, the love of a good friend, the love of duty and committment...

Only you can decide what you feel and what is important to you...

It is inevitable, throughout married life, one partner or another will fall in love with someone else and often it will be more than once...
Mostly these attachments will be nothing more than infatuations that will pass and often (temporarily) leave heartbreak in their wake...

Statistics show beyond doubt that second relationships tend not to last as long as the original relationship. This means they were mistakes - worse mistakes than the first!

First relationships are often begun when the people are too young and inexperienced and as they grow and change they forget to be tolerant and forgiving to each other, they forget to be friends and forget their good manners toward each other.
Sex tends to become routine or problematic!
Sense of humour and laughter become things of the past!

Men are often quite shallow and tend to have more time on their hands so they look around more and tend to be flattered when other women acknowledge them, pay them attention and share secrets with them.
If the man's sex life is unsatisfactory it is natural for him to find other women attractive and the more unsatisfactory his sex life is the more attractive and open to suggestion he will be...

Man was not designed for monogomy and it must be recognised it was not long ago we were being guided by smells like animals and following our bio-programme to spread our seed as far as we could. Modern life and attitudes forces us to fight nature - it is fortunate indeed that men are inherently lazy...

Lots of factors, lots of variables come together and drive people to look over that hill to check out the greenness of the grass there and it is human nature to believe it is greener whether it really is or not and consequently they want to go there and the more they cannot or should not, the more they are driven...

Mostly the grass at home is the greenest most people ever see but if they leave it behind few can ever return!

Love or infatuation is one thing - living with someone is entirely another thing! The practicalities of day-to-day living can be stressful on any relationship and the way to domestic harmony and reduced stress is friendship and compatibility - love tends to quickly disappear if these things aren't present and those things are in themselves a type of love and inducements to love...

In the final analysis: if you aren't happy and cannot be content with your current relationship then change it but I strongly suggest you do not change it using love as your excuse and you do not change it on the strength of a facebook contact - these decisions are full of danger...
The love you describe is better experienced from a distance in the traditional way of the married man or woman...

My final advice to you: regardless of who they are, how they dress or how they speak and what you think of them - everyone's excrement stinks but most would hide that fact from others!

You also must consider your daughter!
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