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I did go a week without birth control

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I have a few questions about my menstrual cycle.
I am sexually active unprotected but I am on birth control.
I did go a week without birth control waiting for Walgreen's to fill my medicine. I was a week late for my period with very light cramps and yesterday I started to have very little light brown discharge. Starting last night I had started bad cramps and brown heavier blood and then this morning the blood has turned bright orange and brown and my cramps have remained the same. I have been vomiting for three days and not able to eat but once a day and not very much. What is wrong with me?
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replied January 12th, 2017
From the same person who posted this post
I have had a brown and orange period for three days and now I don't have hardly any blood now and egg white discharge with a little tiny bit of blood. What's going on?
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