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confused as to how I may have an std No new posts
DoctorQuestion  192 views
Last post: 07-27-2015 01:56am
confused as to how I may have an std and I am very scared No new posts
DoctorQuestion  146 views
Last post: 07-27-2015 00:02am
found out i have genital herpies, now nothing works No new posts
DoctorQuestion  175 views
Last post: 07-23-2015 13:31pm
Prayer and Support Requests No new posts
admin  8638 views
Last post: 08-09-2014 11:29am
At risk for HPV?
Brunette22  131 views
Last post: 08-01-2015 21:15pm
Single red flat lesion on shaft, tiny - Herpes or Trauma?
memoryvague  141 views
Last post: 08-01-2015 08:07am
Few questions about HSV1
Nick1507  115 views
Last post: 08-01-2015 07:34am
HPV Test Negative?
None13  100 views
Last post: 08-01-2015 01:51am
Genital warts, married and faithful 27yrs. wife is negative
jb8827  123 views
Last post: 07-27-2015 21:17pm
Fine Water bumps?
Capleton  77 views
Last post: 07-26-2015 19:34pm
genital warts transmitted after 5 years of being wart free
mida22  163 views
Last post: 07-21-2015 09:45am
sore pubic area. Is this hsv2 or herpes?
alopolo  281 views
Last post: 07-14-2015 23:38pm
Worried my herpes will spread to my eye
trioy  153 views
Last post: 07-04-2015 06:36am
do i have genital warts or something else?
digitalph33r  204 views
Last post: 07-03-2015 17:54pm
he used to have the HPV (genital warts) could I get it?
Brunette22  169 views
Last post: 06-30-2015 20:01pm
herpes type 1
Pete5082  236 views
Last post: 06-16-2015 17:34pm
Are these Finger Like Projections Herpes, HPV or Something Else?
whatcanitbe  241 views
Last post: 06-01-2015 13:49pm
Help what is this? herpes?
christoph1212  332 views
Last post: 05-27-2015 17:23pm
Do i have herpes??....
sadgurltoday  332 views
Last post: 05-26-2015 21:11pm
Bump on inside vagina flap
manders97  293 views
Last post: 05-26-2015 21:00pm
No signs/tested positive ? have the bumps 2 yrs
cv2  359 views
Last post: 05-22-2015 00:20am
I have HPV for 4 yrs but why genital warts dont want to go away?
LightningF  459 views
Last post: 05-22-2015 00:13am
blister returns
Domey  481 views
Last post: 05-21-2015 23:07pm
I've been seeing and feeling changes, herpes or HPV?
BlackLexi  354 views
Last post: 05-21-2015 02:09am
Is this genital herpes?
Livee  316 views
Last post: 05-12-2015 11:04am
hsv1 orally and genitally?
electricelep...  306 views
Last post: 05-12-2015 10:59am
a crippling fear of contracting HSV2
pol_111  259 views
Last post: 05-12-2015 10:55am
Asymptomatic HPV in Men
john44753  261 views
Last post: 05-11-2015 18:12pm
What are my odds of having transmitted herpes to her?
brownsnake  196 views
Last post: 05-06-2015 05:56am
HSV2 Symptoms?
worried3535  247 views
Last post: 04-28-2015 20:20pm
hpv??or something else I accidentally touched his water
dabs_sub  399 views
Last post: 04-28-2015 06:18am
hsv 2 flagged high <5 what does this mean?
tracie6  233 views
Last post: 04-21-2015 18:43pm
penis warts and i am in a 5 year relationship
puppy19  415 views
Last post: 04-19-2015 23:39pm
HSV-1 or canker sore?
nicholas1984  192 views
Last post: 04-11-2015 17:56pm
Inoculation and Initial Outbreak
AnnalisiaCri...  278 views
Last post: 04-01-2015 06:03am
HSV-2 positive
guest40502  12342 views
Last post: 03-29-2015 02:52am
Constant cold sores... I have tried everything.
Lina450  367 views
Last post: 03-29-2015 01:27am
regarding herpes
kamna  410 views
Last post: 03-28-2015 10:01am
Itchiness between buttocks, could it be herpes?
Worriedcitizen  296 views
Last post: 03-26-2015 23:57pm
hpv in my mouth
Beaverton92  304 views
Last post: 03-26-2015 07:30am
My Genital HPV story
calinsandu  304 views
Last post: 03-21-2015 08:30am
I am worried! When should i go for a test?
Worriedd3211  246 views
Last post: 03-19-2015 12:52pm
My genital warts experience.
worriedgirlnyc  2380 views
Last post: 03-13-2015 20:13pm
pimples or warts and how can i tell the difference ?
franky_boy  341 views
Last post: 03-13-2015 20:07pm
is there a daily medicine to stop the spread of HPV?
CRE96  271 views
Last post: 03-13-2015 14:48pm
Is there a 100% chance that I have given this girl the virus
Strigoi  405 views
Last post: 03-11-2015 11:54am
*round blister in venus areafull of puss.
fefa  247 views
Last post: 03-07-2015 11:29am
HSV prodrome or not? pins and needles, pain after urination
maleage20  292 views
Last post: 03-03-2015 20:55pm
severely burned vagina from Aldara
kdaggen  22614 views
Last post: 03-03-2015 16:45pm
HPV - should I have an anal pap smear performed?
pup80  255 views
Last post: 03-02-2015 10:31am
hpv and my brother accidentaly used my sponge,
Dimitris  239 views
Last post: 03-01-2015 14:03pm
Testing, Low-Positive, and What Next
some1_else  4635 views
Last post: 02-26-2015 09:35am
Is this single sore herpes?
BR256  232 views
Last post: 02-23-2015 13:53pm

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