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black dot appear on anything I see. No new posts
DoctorQuestion  409 views
Last post: 02-28-2014 13:59pm
sudden onset headaches, nausea, movement of objects No new posts
DoctorQuestion  438 views
Last post: 01-12-2014 10:25am
Pain above and behind right ear worse when reading No new posts
DoctorQuestion  306 views
Last post: 01-12-2014 02:21am
Squiggly line in my vision
Shalakeo  4 views
Last post: 04-16-2014 19:10pm
Stabbing in the Eye
Dormouse12  25 views
Last post: 04-16-2014 09:44am
Eye problem
Dormouse12  24 views
Last post: 04-16-2014 09:43am
Im Seeing White Light Flashes That Go Everywhere (im Only 16 No new posts
Travis13  360940 views
Last post: 04-14-2014 06:31am
seeing ripples on right side No new posts
Beanyness  67768 views
Last post: 04-14-2014 04:05am
I see tiny red dots in total darkness moving.. No new posts
slyshane  12203 views
Last post: 04-14-2014 02:47am
mrart300  77 views
Last post: 04-12-2014 18:28pm
Blepharitis cured and disappeared for 15 years.
lkjh576  240 views
Last post: 04-12-2014 15:03pm
involuntary eye rolling in 8yr old No new posts
smbell01  77930 views
Last post: 04-12-2014 14:17pm
Right eye still small almost a week after orbit fractue surgery
reezy  16 views
Last post: 04-12-2014 12:00pm
Help - White Light Movement In Eye
DANEENHOWARD  15303 views
Last post: 04-10-2014 18:23pm
Episcleritis and Scleritis No new posts
Fed Up  44245 views
Last post: 04-10-2014 13:51pm
Vibrating vision, Focusing problems on busy patterns. No new posts
vinymaximus  19746 views
Last post: 04-10-2014 09:28am
Reccuring pain above right eye and blurred vision
sanzgirl  72 views
Last post: 04-08-2014 19:36pm
Terrien's Marginal Degeneration - rare eye condition
NasKa  3958 views
Last post: 04-07-2014 10:59am
Visual Disturbances
codyw2012  83 views
Last post: 04-05-2014 22:55pm
Why do I feel constant pressure in/around my eyes?
RTL89  124 views
Last post: 04-03-2014 19:05pm
Squiggly Lines No new posts
Natalo18  101468 views
Last post: 04-03-2014 13:59pm
LASIK: am I being swindled with sales talk?
lux7  105 views
Last post: 04-03-2014 09:19am
any medicine in the world which give me back perfect sight?
kamranbukhari  469 views
Last post: 04-03-2014 01:32am
Seeing Colored Spots No new posts
sharpjcjd  310891 views
Last post: 04-02-2014 21:31pm
Please Help
13blackcats  107 views
Last post: 04-02-2014 19:46pm
Eye Bags Gone!
shiglett  107 views
Last post: 04-02-2014 01:42am
Woke up feeling like i was punched
Nottoc31  109 views
Last post: 03-31-2014 13:21pm
Scar on retina No new posts
sharedo  41914 views
Last post: 03-29-2014 07:40am
My Eyes Hurt When I Move Them to the Side Or Up. No new posts
maximusrocks  586033 views
Last post: 03-25-2014 20:07pm
Mistakenly used light-weight oil in eyes
virt111  149 views
Last post: 03-25-2014 14:13pm
Ghosted vision driving me crazy
Dingding  137 views
Last post: 03-22-2014 15:14pm
Blind spot in one eye, nothing else! No new posts
Weslie  28889 views
Last post: 03-20-2014 15:04pm
TABonifacio  298 views
Last post: 03-20-2014 05:46am
phacoemulsification vs micro-phaco for Cataract surgery
dsam9  379 views
Last post: 03-18-2014 00:07am
Is there a cure for Atrophy of the optic nerve ?
nourafaw  141 views
Last post: 03-16-2014 06:56am
Electrical sensations with lateral eye movement
nackster  161 views
Last post: 03-15-2014 22:22pm
6 yr old Seeing colored spots
Disco64  1257 views
Last post: 03-13-2014 17:43pm
Eye Pain Just From Reading a Few Words In a Book!!
jill1000  5898 views
Last post: 03-12-2014 19:54pm
16 yrs old, no drug use but have the eyes of an drug addict
Milos999  196 views
Last post: 03-10-2014 10:27am
Mixed Astigmatism
jones89y  199 views
Last post: 03-09-2014 15:22pm
Colourful flashes in vision
Shinice  193 views
Last post: 03-08-2014 07:28am
Eye pain only when moving it after trauma
iamtheoneand...  165 views
Last post: 03-06-2014 20:42pm
What could make eyes view objects differently
rudedog  179 views
Last post: 03-06-2014 12:54pm
black spot in central vision with eyes open/closed
generic96  214 views
Last post: 03-06-2014 07:30am
common vision blind spot?
sunnylynn  190 views
Last post: 03-01-2014 19:23pm
Eye irritation after chalazion recovery
ncfingers  9720 views
Last post: 02-27-2014 14:39pm
Small flashes of light
buffalo92  229 views
Last post: 02-23-2014 14:20pm
My eye won' stop twitching. how do i stop it?
KMom62  269 views
Last post: 02-23-2014 07:46am
Vision Tracers?? No new posts
sherry24  42445 views
Last post: 02-22-2014 01:46am
Amblyopia, anxiety and academic struggles
Effectn  196 views
Last post: 02-21-2014 14:00pm
can premarin or retinoid cream trigger blepharitis, dry eyes
Optometrist_  235 views
Last post: 02-21-2014 07:43am
eye disturbance, eyes became covered by a light grey shape
Optometrist_  229 views
Last post: 02-21-2014 07:38am
severe black eyes after fainting?
sammieandtoby  253 views
Last post: 02-19-2014 19:04pm

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