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how accurate are HIV rapid tests?

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Hi Muthoni thanks for ur replies and support for this forum.In my last post i asked about the fever caused by HIV and u said HIV doesnt cause fever but in every HIV symptoms related sites its mention that fever is the most common symptoms of HIV.actually i am having low grade fever from past three weeks and it start with rash in my throat and cough but all the symptoms are gone except for low grade fever that stays b/w 99 F - 100F.I had sex with a women last year at sep 07 but condom ruptured in b/w i got rapid HIV test 8 months later from that incedent and found -ve but four months later from my test that is 1 yr later from my unprotected sex i am having these symptoms of cough and fever that i have mention i am bit worried about these symptoms as they may be the signs of HIV though i was tested -ve but i am not sure about the test as it was a private lab here in india.Please suggest me what is this and what i need to do?shld i test again or that rapid test was fine?and also i wanna know that how accurate are rapid tests are?Thanks in advance.
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replied September 14th, 2008
I didn't know until now that fever is a common symptom for HIV+ patients especially for those in hospital. Sorry for misguiding you and thanks for educating me.

I don't know much about rapid testing. Most people who do rapid testing doubt the results all the time. I recommend a blood test to put everything to rest.

All the best.

Muthoni (Mson)
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